100 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

24 December 2020

100 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Look no further. We have 100 Ways to be Kind to Yourself right here. With the usual traditional New Year’s Resolutions having a 68% fail rate, only 25% of people reach 30days, and 8% accomplish them. We wonder why this is!

Maybe we set the bar to high, with unrealistic goals. Who knows?

This year, rather than fail, why not succeed with our 100 Ways to be Kind to Yourself. Something simple and fulfilling that EVERYONE can accomplish.

This list is built purposefully to build you up from the inside out. Who knows where the journey will take you in the process?

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1. Do something that scares you

By doing so you gain strength and courage. Push beyond your limiting beliefs and know you can do anything. Absolutely anything when you set your mind to it. Have confidence in yourself. We always stay in our ‘safe lane’ never venturing far out of our usual habitual routines. Be different. Be brave.

2. Smile today at something or someone you love

You never know what your smile might do for someone. Even a forced smile can elevate anyone’s mood, including your own. I can be in the worst mood, but I always fake a smile to get myself out of my funk. Try it. See how it makes you feel.

3. Read a book

I stumbled across a guy called Jim Kwik whist researching at the start of my psychology degree. He had a slogan saying ‘read more book’s’. His theory is the more you read the more you learn; I couldn’t have said it better.
I was always a person who had reader’s block. I wasn’t smart enough. I didn’t know why I needed to read or what to read? I would get bored rather quickly into my books. Until I learnt this art. The art of gaining knowledge, in areas, I wanted to, in my life through reading books. I started small with books I resonated with and wanted to learn more about. Who or what would you like to learn more about?

no 3 read more books

4. Try something new

There is a powerful quote that goes along with this “When I let go of what I am, I become what I want to be”. Trying something new is letting go of all that you think you are and pushing yourself to be something you want to be.
I recently tried horse riding again after 15 years. My sister nagged and nagged (excuse the pun) me to keep her company whilst out riding. So, I went. I tried it, and I loved it. So much so, now every Tuesday I have riding on the agenda.

5. Cook for yourself

Enjoy your favourite meal all on your own. Prepare it. Cook it. Eat it. Most of all enjoy the whole process. We often get busy in life, cooking for others, cooking meals the family enjoy and forgetting about ourselves. So, today cook something you love and enjoy it.

6. Clean a kitchen cupboard or all of them.

Join the organised club. You’ll be surprised at just how effective this can be for your brain. Having clear and clean cupboards, where food is in date, in order and easy to grab does wonders for us inside and out. Declutter the cupboards and declutter the brain. Go ahead, get decluttering today.

7. Take a bubble bath. No bath? Take a nice long hot shower

They say in the spiritual sense taking a bath or shower is like a cleansing. Letting all the negative thoughts and worries wash away. I take time daily to either shower or take a bath and to be fair I do allow my mind to wash away my worries. It may work for you, it may not. But how I see it is, what have we got to lose by giving it ago?

8. Take a walk

Taking a walk in the great outdoors allows us to be present in the moment and enjoy wherever it is we choose to be. I often go into the woodlands surrounding my home. I follow all the quirky pathways, listen to the old creaky trees and little birds chirping. I am blessed to have 3 dogs who come along and enjoy my walks with me. So, wherever your walk is today, take note of all its wonders and treasure them.

9. Take a yoga class or learn a yoga move

Yoga is widely known for giving us strength, flexibility, mind and body awareness. I find yoga extremely relaxing not only for my body but also my mind. This was my first step into guided visualization. I have a lot to be thankful for attending a yoga class.

10. Talk to someone new today

It’s often hard to get away from our childhood years of our parents telling us not to talk to strangers. Now we are adults we can loosen the reins on ourselves a little. For instance, I was waiting for my car to be valeted one day and so was another complete stranger. The stranger actually started the conversation with me, openly asking about where we were and where was best to get a haircut. They explained that they had just moved to the area. They were trying to get a feel for places (other than the seaside, which seemed to be their reason to move here). I answered their questions openly.
When I got in my car and started to drive away I had a smile on my face. I felt a sense of appreciation for the stranger who open heartedly noticed me sitting alone and fired up a conversation with me.
No matter how trivial the question, talk to someone new today. Because sometimes it really is okay to talk to strangers.

11. Tell yourself You Are Beautiful Today

This is something many often struggle to do. I never ever knew to do something like this. I never looked at myself as someone beautiful. Until I started looking within and knowing how important it is. The first time you see yourself as beautiful, to then appreciate others beauty in them. Today know, you are beautiful.

12. Tell somebody you see they are beautiful too

To see the beauty in another, really is beauty. Read that again.

12. Tell someone else they are beautiful

13. Tell yourself you are enough

I Am Enough. Repeat this 3 times. These 3 words have such great power. No matter who you are. What you have been through in life. Know that you are enough.

14. Ask somebody, how their day is and are they ok?

Strike up a conversation with someone today. Something as small as asking how is their day is going, is enough to put a smile on yours and their faces. A sign we care for others, means we care for ourselves first. How are you today? Are you ok?

15. Look in the mirror and look at how beautiful you are

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Don’t you think it’s quite remarkable how much we change in our physical body? We can alter our appearance daily. Yet our inner self remains the same. If only we dressed ourselves from the inside out each day, maybe our world would be a prettier place. You are beautiful from the inside out.

16. Take Three Deep Breaths

Ahh the art of learning to take three deep breaths. I remember when I took my first three deep breathes consciously. I inhaled deeply paused then exhaled out of my mouth. It was like an instant hit of relaxation. I consciously do my deep breaths throughout my day to bring my awareness back to myself. We often get over run at work, in conversations with friends or just generally busy in our lifestyles. Try this and allow yourself to get a hit of relaxation today. We promise you won’t regret it.

17. Read a poem

Reading a poem for me is like taking a trip in someone else’s imagination. I read poems to see the beauty of what others see. You may have never thought of poems like this, or you may see them even deeper than I do. Whichever you may be read a poem today and see the beauty in the eye of its beholder.

18. Tell yourself you are loved

Sometimes we love everything and everyone else before ourselves. To love yourself is to put you first in order to then love all that there is around us. Love who you are, where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. Then love everything else surrounding you. Fill your cup up and then let it overflow.

19. Go sit in your favourite outdoor place and watch the world pass you by

There is beauty in the stillness of our own self. I often sit at the foot of an old tree up at the quarry where I walk my dogs. I watch as the world goes by. The walkers, the cars, the cyclists. When there is none of that I listen to the stillness of the quarry. It brings me peace. It brings me calm.

19. Go and sit in your favourite outdoor place

20. Watch the Sunrise

Immerse yourself in the magic of a new day, a new sunrise. Different every morning, not to dissimilar to that of our days. New and magical every single day. Watch the sunrise today and take its magic with you.

21. Watch the Sunset

Find a comfortable spot at the end of your day. If you live by the coast, head to the beach. Sit out in your garden or maybe head to a park. Look to the west and watch as all the different colours unfold, reds, pinks and oranges. Listen to how still the world is around you. Another day is done. It’s time for our world to rest as someone else’s is just beginning. How awesome is that?

22. Listen to the birds

I often sit in my garden with a cup of tea listening to the birds. Their song often altering as the day goes on. Or maybe it’s just the song reflecting off my mood? I generally see the birds to be happy in the mornings searching for their food. Their birdsong much quieter through the daytime. Then there’s their chatter as the dozy evenings draw in. The birds catching their supper of insects in the the last of the day’s sunshine.
Take yourself outside, sit for a while and listen. What do the birds sound like to you? What story can you tell about listening to the birds?

23. Listen to a song you used to love

A decade or so may have passed but, when you hear that one song it’s like it takes you back in time. There are so many songs that pop up out of nowhere that take me back in time. It may be a significant memory of a milestone stage, a hit in my life. A memory of a partner or friends that came and now have gone. The significance of a song can be more than just the song it’s the attachment that we create to them. Go back, way way back in time today and listen to an old favourite. Whether it makes you feel happy, sad or nostalgic. Roll with it. Feel it. Enjoy it.

23. listening to a song

24. Listen to a new song

New songs. New lyrics the joys of the new generation. Listen to what the world is becoming. What the world is aching from. What the world needs to become. Great artists and unbelievably talented singers and song writers speak to us through their music. You may not resonate with them all but some you love. The different stories they speak will either be something you listen to or something you don’t. Something you love to sing along to or something that’s just noise in the background. Try listening today with new ears. Have fun with it. What message can you hear?

25. Recite a poem and tell someone it

The wonders of learning something and sharing it. Bring joy not just to you but to the other person as well. Today learn a poem and share the words that speak to you most with someone else.

26. Learn a quote and share it with others

Today I learned a quote

The moment you stop considering yourself ordinary, miracles unfold and the gold within lights up the entire world. – Unknown

I wanted to share this with you. Now find a quote that resonates with you and share it with another.

27. Tell yourself you are awesome

Acknowledging your awesomeness daily shouldn’t be a hard thing. You are awesome. You are a wonderful human. That has so much awesomeness inside. Let it burst out. Not just today. Everyday. So, today look in the mirror and repeat after me ‘I Am Awesome’.

28. Sit down with a hot drink and enjoy

Enjoy the warmth of hot cocoa, a flavourful cup of herbal tea or a steaming hot cup of coffee. Perfect for when the winter months are upon us. When the rain is beating down or the snow fluttering to the ground. When the frosty nip of cold air is around us. Immerse yourself in the simple magic of the moments when we seek warmth and cosiness. Enjoy your cosy warm home with your hot drink of choice and really taste it. Every drop. Enjoy being still. Enjoy being calm. Enjoy this time for you.

29. Dip your feet in the sea, a stream, a river, a babbling brook or jump in muddy puddles

Ever wonder where our sense of adventure has gone? When we were children we wouldn’t think twice about going and dipping our feet in the cold ocean or splashing in puddles. That to us as a child would have been an adventure. Don’t lose your sense of adventure. Find your inner child. Take off your shoes and socks or don your wellies. Splash and be present. Be happy. Smile.

29. dip your feet

30. Take a moment to tell yourself you are important

You are more important than you know. I know how important you are. So, you should know how important you are. Always know you are important. Hold that thought. Today say it out loud. I Am Important.

31. Lie down in amongst nature

We walk around forgetting to pause and take in the stillness of good old mother nature. The world is bigger than what you see in front of you. Lie down in nature. Look up to the sky or simply close your eyes. Be still. Listen. Feel how unbelievably calming nature can be.

32. Star Gazing

I have always loved star gazing ever since I was a little girl. I love to look up and spot the Dog Star and The Plough and a few others. The wonder of the universe has interested me so much over the years. I just sit and look up in wonder. We often never look up. Never really appreciating the beauty of our universe. Tonight, look up. Enjoy the wonders that you may see. Shooting stars. Star clusters. Star formations. The milky way. The universe is full of surprises.

33. Cloud Gazing

Look up. What is the universe saying to you today? Use your imagination. Our last cloud gaze was only yesterday. We spotted a dragon (made up of clouds) he blew out smoke from his ruffled nose. Wings tight to his body as he drifted across the sky. Today go and sit, look up. What do you see? You may not just see cloud’s, you may be graced with clear blue skies. Take the time for you. Be calm. Be still.

33. Cloud Gazing

34. Meditate

Meditating has always been seen to be something a certain stereotype of person can do. Not now. To date it is now scientifically proven to have many brilliant benefits. Mediation is now known to be a really effective exercise for a person’s mental health and wellbeing. I stumbled across mediation when I started yoga. It was something they did at the end of the class. A guided visualization of sorts. I took the practice home with me. I practiced and practised until I became someone I never thought I could be. I became strong. Strong mentally. Strong in my own knowing of what’s right for me in a non-selfish way. I learn through meditation. Life isn’t always easy but meditation helps me find my way back to myself. Mediation nterests me so much I knew I had to share it with the world. So, try it today. Meditate.

35. Sit in silence for 10 minutes

Giving yourself time in your own thoughts may seem strange to some and brilliant to others. Some of the world’s most successful businessmen and women take a moment to themselves. Sometimes before a major meeting or before making a vital decision. They do this to be clear and focused. Clear and focused on their intentions and open to suggestions. Allowing yourself time helps you understand yourself more to move forward clearly and effectively. So, find your comfy spot, sit in silence for 10 minutes with your thoughts. Focus on your day ahead.

36. Swap worry for joy today

We always tend to worry. Worried about what has been. Worried about what is here. Worried about what will come. I choose to sway my worry today and every day from now on for joy. I see the joy in what has been. I see the joy in what is here, and I see the joy of what is yet to come to me. Today push that worry away. See the joy in what has been. See the joy in what is here. See the joy in what is to come.

37. Swap anxiety for compassion

Anxiety is something that happens when we are in fight or flight mode. Some have anxiety worse than others. Today I ask you to have compassion for your fears. See them as your friend and not some demon monster. I have suffered from panic attacks from an early age. I have my reasons why. I had my last panic attack 18 months ago. I choose to swap my anxiety for compassion on that day and nurture my anxiety. Befriend it. I still get anxious. But I am aware of it and choose to be compassionate towards it. Today think about what you fear. Think about what makes you anxious. Think of it with kindness ad compassion. How do you feel?

38. Wish yourself well today

I am well. I am well. I am well. Sometimes we forget to do the simplest of things. Today wish yourself well. No matter what.

If all you do is put your hand on your heart and wish yourself well, it would be a moment well spent – Elisha Goldstein

39. Wish someone else well

Wishing someone well is a powerful reflection on yourself. Today I wish all well that cross my path. Everyone has a story to tell. No matter what their story I wish them well. Today wish a friend or a stranger well. How did it make you feel?

40. Write down a positive thing that has happened today

You open your eyes and take a breath. There is your first positive thing that happened today. We often take for granted such small things. We forget the positive starts with us. Grab your pen and paper and write down one positive thing that happened today.

40.write down something positive

41. Draw something

Take an object. Look at it. The more you look the more you will see. Be creative. My daughter often draws. She uses her imagination. I often suggest she draws something that’s Infront of her. She says she doesn’t need to. She has it in her mind. That’s enough. So whichever way you choose to draw. Be creative and enjoy the process. Take your pens or pencils, your paper and let your creative side flow.

42. Give thanks to someone who influenced you in a positive way

Giving thanks to someone who positively influenced you. Show your appreciation for them and your appreciation for their wisdom. Small teachings from wise people are a lot to be thankful for. Call them, message them, visit them, send them a card. Say thank you your way today.

43. Try running - you might like it!

Most people think they are non-runners. Oh, I’m not a runner. I can’t run. I don’t have the right legs for running blah blah blah. Well, did you know running can be for everyone and anyone. Running. It’s not as bad as you think. Moving your physical body is a great thing. Try it today. You may find you really enjoy it.

44. Do the dishes to do the dishes

I read a small quote once from a monk. I can’t remember his name off the top of my head. I just remember. I remember him saying to do the dishes.

I have always been one for doing the dishes.

I never really understood the concept of this until I sat back and thought about it. You see we often see this as a bit of a nightmare and a real chore. We rush. We get it done as quick as possible so we can go onto the next task at hand. Doing the dishes gives us a chance to reflect. Slow down. And enjoy being in the moment.

45. Stand in the rain or the shower

Today stand out in the rain. Let it wash over you. Smell it. Enjoy its freshness. Not raining? Take a shower. How does it feel? Really feel the different sensations. The temperature of the water. The pressure of the water as it hits your skin. The feeling as the water rolls off your body. By doing this you’re bringing a sense of awareness to yourself. You’re in the moment. Not thinking about anything else but right now. So, stand out in the rain today (or stand in the shower).

46. Laugh today

Laughter is magic, its infectious. It brings joy to our souls. Laugh today even if it’s at yourself.

47. Humour a situation

See the funny side of life today. Why choose to be so serious all the time. Life is one big adventure. So today see the funny side of every situation even if for just today.

48. Treat yourself to that one thing you would love today

Just do it. be kind to you. Spend something on something you love. You deserve it. no explanation needed. Just do it.

49. Have a picnic by yourself

Set yourself up a lovely little picnic. Go out. And enjoy your own company. No excuses. Take a book for company. I am 32 years old. I am only just appreciating time spend with myself. Learning about me. This is one of the things that I find most enjoyable. Trust me. You will love it.

49. have a picnic for one

50. Listen to something soulful - Motown vibes!

Music has a way of taking to us. Motown classics have soul. Listen carefully to what they are saying to you appreciate the Motown artists. Take a little soul with you through your day.

51. Watch a Christmas movie

How good is it to just get cosy? On the sofa. Hot chocolate. Hot water bottle. Sneaky sweet treats. And enjoy a feel-good Christmas movie. If you have never done this before. Do it now. Take time for yourself. And Santa.

52. Watch a Romance Movie

I have always watched romance movies and secretly loved them. I used to watch them and wish my relationships were like them. not the story. But the bases of it. the fact two lovers would do anything to be together in a none controlling way. May people live in controlled environments. I may be cast as an outcast to say this but. No one should ever be in a controlled relationship. Its unhealthy. Strive for a romance. It may not be perfect, but it is free.

53. Watch a Disney Movie

Disney movies have so many hidden wonderful messages to us. I think It was Frozen I watched when I was conscious of the messages within the movies. I was 30 years old. Never really thought of Disney movies as messages in disguise before. I believe in magic. Do you?

54. Teach yourself something new today

Ah the unknown. The unfamiliar. The path you haven’t ventured down before. I tried a guy’s electric bike the other day. I can’t remember been all oh no I can’t ride them. I wouldn’t want to break it (excuse after excuse) the guy was stood there not taking no for an answer. Right ok. I’ll give it a go. HA! It was brilliant. I got on it. the bike just went for me as I peddled. It was easy peasy. And my smile beamed as I enjoyed the ride. For 2 maybe 3 minutes I ventured into the unknown. As small as it seems. It was good to do. Now I can say I have ridden an electric bike and I liked it.

55. Listen to a podcast

What interests you? Greek gods? Footballers? Authors? They all have podcasts nowadays. So why not dive deep into a podcast. Learn something new about a subject? Or more about the things that interest you? When I took an interest in psychology and holistic mental wellbeing. I listened to podcasts and online seminars every day without fail. I listened and listened then listened some more.

56. Pick wildflowers

Aside from getting out into nature to pick wildflowers. You can take your time choosing which colours you like. Springtime is perfect for this. I often collect little bundles of flowers. Pop them in a tall glass. Then on the kitchen windowsill. Where they last a few days brightening up the place. Be as wild as the flowers today.

56. pick wild flowers

57. Clear out the old to make way for the new

How many things to we have in our cupboards that we don’t need? Every once in a while, I go through my cupboards if I haven’t used it in the last 6 months. It goes. To charity. Or binned! We can sometimes be hoarder. We hoard things we don’t need or want. In clearing out the old we can make a clear space. Perhaps to organise something that’s been left on the kitchen counter for quite some time. It also makes me question any new purchases. Do I really need that? 9 t5imes out of 10. I don’t.

58. Organise your wardrobe today

Oh, the joys. Of an overflowing wardrobe. Lacking in organisation can impact our energy. I have been known to have items of clothing still with tags on them. oops. A part of my calm journey is being organised. So, I slowly organised things. Making room and clearing space not only my wordrobe.my home. Clearing physical space helped me then mentally. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised. 1 step at a time. The miracle of de cluttering!

59. Prep a meal

Meal prep. Is something I should do more of. When I meal prep it is like its one less thing to think about. to take an afternoon out of your week and cook your meals in advance its what dreams are made of isn’t it. I say let’s do this one together. Let’s meal pep!

60. Add turmeric to your food

This bright yellow spice is mainly used in curry. Did you know it’s a natural anti-inflammatory? Helping people with rheumatoid arthritis, IBS to name a few It’s a powerful antioxidant. Which helps manage heart disease. Helps skin conditions. Such as psoriasis and eczema. Turmeric might even be brain food! There is growing evidence that curcumin can cross the blood- brain barrier and help protect against Alzheimer’s disease. such a great tool to help improve our health! what a great excuse to make a curry!

61. Be still, look and listen

It’s in the title. Just be still. Look. listen. What can you see? hear. feel. Taste. Smell. Use your senses. Become aware of them today. I often just sit. Sit in silence.no phone. No outside influences. just me. I. and I

62.Give something today

Ahh. The art of giving. Today give something. It could be just something as simple as your time. Lend a hand. Help a friend.

63. Dream a dream and record it

I always love remembering my dreams. Have you ever recorded it? wrote down your dreams? Create a dream diary of your very own. What does it tell you?

64. Set boundaries today with yourself and others

Boundaries are so important. We often get blurred lines where others are concerned which ends up in emotional attachments way deeper than they need or should be. Give yourself and others the freedom they deserve by creating healthy boundaries. Learn to say no to things that no longer serve you.

65. Move through your day with awareness

We often wake up and get on with our day the same. Every day. We wake up. get on with our daily activities whatever they may be. Without much thought. Try being conscious of your daily activities. how they make you feel. Conversations. jobs. cooking tea. Be aware.

66. Do a workout at home today

At home workouts are becoming a thing that people need to do. Gym have been closed or limited to time slots. Why not take the stress off? Stay home. Look at our workouts Find Your Calm has a library of great workouts to suit everyone. Enjoy!

66.at home workout

67. Spend time with someone today

I have just come home from walking the dogs. A thing I normally do on my won. This morning I walked with a friend.it was different to my normal walk. Instead of talking to myself (or the dogs) I had a real-life conversation with someone. We can get into our own bubbles same old same old. Today venture out of the norm and spend some time with someone.

68. Leave your phone alone for the day

How many of us from the moment we wake up look at our phones? Until the minute we go to sleep. why not take some phone off/away time. Don’t text anyone/phone anyone. stay away from all your apps. they can wait. I am often known to leave my phone at home (accidentally on purpose) I am more present. I enjoy what I am doing heaps more without my phone around me. Be more present today. Accidently leave your phone at home (your rebel)

69. Pay attention to all your positive experiences today

The universe gives back to us what we give out. Give out kindness today and watch it come back to you.

70. Try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand

Start your day off doing something you have never done before. Make your brain engage in something different. It makes you think from the opposite side of your brain. The creative side. It’s been known to set you up to tackle any challenges you may face throughout your day.

71. Let go of technology today

This one got me. It got me thinking how I can say this in a way it actually benefits us. So, I went out into nature to find the answer. Many years ago, our great great grandparents lived in a world of barely any technology. A tv. A radio. Is probably all they had? So, what did they do I ask myself? What did my great Granma do? She worked. She looked after her family. She baked. She cleaned. She talked to friends. She had a community of people around her. She attended church. She gave her communion. She believed. She did not waste her time on phones. Laptops. Games consoles. Netflix series. Because it simply wasn’t available back then. The world has sped up. Beyond our human nature’s instincts. Why we suffer with anxiety? Because we simply can’t keep up. And nor should we. Its ok to slow down. Its ok to turn off your phone. Stop watching Netflix. Stop playing video games. or watching tiktok. And enjoy the day.

72. Fill up on water today

One of the things we humans forget to do. Is drink plenty of water. More often than not, we mistake our thirst for hunger. That’s when we snack. Lots. Swap snacks for a glass of water today.

73. Try an avocado

Some people love avocado, and some people don’t. I am an avocado lover. And the benefits are awesome. Avocados’ are incredibly Nutritious. Loaded with heart-healthy fatty acids. They are loaded with fiber. Eating avocados can also lower cholesterol! All in a fruit! Brilliant.

74. Try a new fruit

Kiwi. Mango. Avocado. Pineapple. To name a few delicious fruits. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with our food choices. Sticking to the same old same old. So why not switch it up today?

75. Try a new vegetable

Butternut Squash. Courgette. Egg Plant. These are vegetables I should try and now I’ve wrote them means I will. Maybe.

76. Spend time with an animal

Any animal you can find. I like my fury and with 4 legs. I have 3 dogs whom all have my heart. They seem to give your love every minute of every day.no thanks needed. Nothing expected in return. Just to be fed. Walked. The hugs and cuddles are a bonus to them. I am talking about dogs. Your animal of choice could be anything. Care for them. Spend time with them.

76. spend time with an animal

77. Bake a cake and enjoy a slice

The joy of homemade chocolate cake! I am lucky to have memories from my childhood of baking with grandparents. Then my children came along. Mainly my daughter loves baking. She is 9 now and bakes for me. Its creative. Its fillings our bellies. It’s enjoying creating. Making and eating our foods. Don’t forget your slice!

78. Washing the dishes to wash the dishes

A read a book once by a monk named Thich Nhat Hanh. Perhaps worth a read if this interests you. He talks about his time as a monk. Not having the perks of warm water. soap. and a cloth. He stood for hours washing the dishes. Which gave him time to ponder. reflect and be in the present moment. He goes on to say that, when we rush and think about the next task at hand like having a cup of tea once the dishes are all done.it makes them seem like a chore. and not very enjoyable. When we see the dishes as our chance to ponder and reflect. We see them in a whole new light. I know when I read about this a memory of my great Granma sprung to mind. She used to gaze out the window whilst doing the dishes. I’d look and wonder what your staring at? I now know, because I do the same.

79. Love your flaws

I have a sticky out ear. Not that anyone would notice. I love my sticky out ear. We all have ‘flaws’ it’s up to us how we see them. Flaws are what make us unique. They make us different to the person beside us. A flaw is unique beauty. Don’t hide from them. Shine with them.

80. Welcome new things

I wonder how many people are open for change. New things to come into your life? Like we aren’t entitled for change or something new? In our years of existence? Surely, we are all capable of letting new things in. new wonderful things. Don’t get stuck in a rut of old is best. All things old and new are worth a look. 

81. Become aware of your own achievements and acknowledge them

Every milestone you have hit. Every hurdle you have jumped over. Every mountain no matter how small you have climbed up. See it and acknowledge how far you have come.

82. Forgive Yourself, Let go and move forward

I recently went through a break-up. Where the guy just vanished. I blamed myself. Did I not do the right things? Was I too much? Was I not enough? All these things were a process I had to go through but in the end, I had to forgive myself. My actions. No matter if I were right or if I were wrong. Then let go. And know that its ok. Then move forward one small step at a time. In forgiveness. To myself and to others. Your forgiving yourself may not be like mine. Whatever it is. Let it be. And know that whatever is meant for you will always be for you.

83. Value yourself

How do you value yourself? You yourself.as much as anybody in the whole world, deserve your love and affection. Give yourself time, love and affection.

84. Trust your own opinions and judgements

I lived years not trusting my own opinions and judgements. Deep down I knew. But on the service, I let things slip. Sometimes we only see what we want to see. We always know deep down. So, trust your judgement. Deep down you know what is right for you. It’s the only way we learn and grow. I am still learning I am still growing.

85. Respect others and their thoughts and views

Everyone single human being has experienced life different to the other. To be aware of this is a great learning. It helps us deal with negativity. To see someone’s negativity as their own. It’s no reflection on ourselves. On the positive. People can bring us opinions and views that help us and benefit us greatly in life. So, listen to the wise ones.

86. Dance today!

Put on your favourite track and let go to the music!

86. Dance today

87. List your good qualities. Then always remind yourself of them.

Something we may often forget are our good qualities. The parts about ourselves we like. Love. And adore? What do you like? Love? And adore? about yourself? I know 1 good quality you possess. You are unique. You are perfectly. Flawlessly you.

88. Tell yourself today you are worthy. Worthy of your desires.

What do you desire? Give me your wildest one and see if we can get you it? Because you know your worthy, right? Something I do continuously is tell myself I am worth. I am worthy of wonderful things in my life. Affirm to yourself you are worthy all day every day.

89. If you have a dream in life. Honour it!

Turn your dream into your goal. Don’t hide from it. don’t shy away from it. you deserve to honour it. take significant steps towards your dream. Each day I wake up its one more step to where I want to be. How do you know they are the right steps? because ultimately, they make you happy.

90. Plot twist. Today, instead of thinking of all the things wrong, be thankful for all the things right!

Our brain is a place where we spend a lot of time in fear and worry. Things can seem to always be going wrong. I’m here to let you know it’s just about how we see things. When we are thankful for all the things going right in life, the wrong things get less and less. Trust the twist.

91. Light a candle. Preferably scented.

I have loved scented candles for years. It’s like the different scents take you to different places. Scents play a role in our five senses broadening and deepening the textures of life.

92. Have patience with yourself and others today

I am no monk. And trust me patience is a thing I have struggled with. But since learning the art of meditation and stillness I indeed have more patience for myself and for others. Although. I still have my moments. Try being conscious. When people annoy you or just generally tick you off. Step back. Don’t react. See where your patience gets you.

93. Capture life today in all its glory

Capture life in all its glory. Now I’m not one for getting the camera out. I often wish I was. Photographers have a certain eye for the beauty in things. Today why not take your camera and capture the beauty of the world we live in. print and frame it. a moment in time captured by you. And for you.

94. Dare to be brave

What is Brave? People will see brave as different in so many ways. Brave is to show your vulnerable side the side people rarely see. To be vulnerable is to life your life the way you choose not anybody else. Being vulnerable is freeing. Freedom is the ultimate kindness to yourself. We often link vulnerability with shame. It is shameful to feel so weak and defenceless. There is no shame here. This is magic. To allow this feeling and be ok with it. It is ultimate bravery.

95. De-clutter your wardrobe

Out with the old in with the new. Or so they say. I just say out with the old. To make way for the new. Organisation is key. I bet you have things in your wardrobe you’ve not seen for years. I have a de clutter once or twice a year. It’s getting less frequent know because it has made me choose more wisely when I do purchase something. See the benefits of de cluttering your wardrobe. And keep it that way.

96. Do something that scares you

This could be something as big or small as you make it. don’t let the thought of this put you off. I wanted to hike a mountain on my own. At first thought I was scared I wouldn’t manage, or I might get lost and I’d be on my own. Truth is we are never on our own. I hiked the mountain successfully. So, go do something that scares you today.

97. Learn to be fearless today

There is nothing to fear my dear. Fears restrict us. There are no restrictions in life. Only the ones we put there.

97. learn to be fearless

98. Trust your journey

Your journey is not like any other. Its unique to you. Don’t look outside of yourself to know your journey. Look within. And there’s your unique journey. Trust it.

99. Write to your future self

Write and tell yourself you are amazing, doing wonderfully, and keep going.

100. Today you choose

You choose what kindness is to yourself. Make it the best one yet

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