How To Create Your Own Wellbeing Kickstarter

02 February 2021

How To Create Your Own Wellbeing Kickstarter

For many people, February is a great time to think about making habit changes. The snowdrops are out, the evenings are getting lighter. We have a little more energy. And a kickstarter is a fantastic way to set yourself up for success. So on this blog we give you tips on how to create your own. Plus a sneak peek behind the scenes of the 21 Day Kickstarter our fitness instructor Tanya put together for herself at the start of the year. Which you’ll find in full within the Find Your Calm app very soon.

What Is A Kickstarter?

A kickstarter is anything you put together to make something happen longer term. You may have heard of kickstarters for business: funding campaigns to get the business off the ground. This wellbeing kickstarter does the same thing. It sets the scene for success in a new fitness and wellbeing habit.

A kickstarter is a great way to kick off (pun intended!) a new fitness goal because it taps into your motivation at the start of a project. It’s well known that people have the best of intentions with new year’s resolutions then the motivation drops and the habit slides. Usually within a week. That’s because the goal’s too daunting. A kickstarter means you just need to commit to a shorter time – which makes it more achievable. It gives you chance for your body to reap the benefits. And at the end you can reflect on your experience and carry on with the elements that worked best for you. So it’s a realistic way to embed new healthy habits.

How To Create Your Own Kickstarter

First of all you need to select your goal. It’s best to be realistic. Rather than try to change everything at once, maybe choose one element to focus on. It might be moving more. It might be eating more vegetables. Think about what’s behind your goal. Is it that you want to have more energy? Is it that you want to feel fitter, or calmer? Knowing what you’re aiming at will help you design the right kickstarter for you.

Then it’s time to think about practicalities. Your kickstarter can be any length of time from a week to 28 days. Remember that research suggests we need at least 21 days to embed a new habit, so your kickstarter has the greatest chance of success if you go for 21 days or more. But don’t let that put you off. If you want to start out with a 7-day kickstarter then review how you feel, that’s fine too. And remember to add one rest day a week!

Once you’ve set a length of time for your kickstarter, you can use your Find Your Calm resources and planner to create your very own personalised version. Within the Find Your Calm app you’ll find:

  • Meditations
  • Yoga bubbles
  • Breath exercises
  • Workout routines
  • Workout timer
  • Recipes
  • Nutritional charts
  • Shopping lists…

…to pick and choose from. Simply spend some time using the guidance in the app to choose the most appropriate options for you. Then use your personalised planner to plan out your very own kickstarter,

Keeping it going

You can monitor your progress and reflect on how your kickstarter’s going using the online journal in the Find Your Calm app – join now if you haven’t already, it’s only £36 for the WHOLE YEAR!.

This is a great way for keeping track of how you feel – including any barriers you encounter. It may be that some days feel harder – add that to your journal. Over time, especially if you’re doing a 21 or 28 day kickstarter, you will start to notice patterns. It might be that if you do your daily exercise first thing, it sets you up well for the day. And if you leave it until later it doesn’t happen. That’s a common one!

It might be that you experiment with times in the day to do daily meditation. Some people love starting off the day with 10 minutes of sitting. Others find it a helpful way to calm their mind before bed. Yet others find that it’s a useful lunchtime pause in the middle of the day’s stresses. There are no rights or wrongs. Just notice what works for you and jot it down in your journal.

After your kickstarter has finished you can start to embed a long-term habit. You’ll have a better sense of what’s worked well for you – both for your body and your lifestyle. Which means you can carry on with the meditations, meals, workouts that most nurture and support you, and fit into your lifestyle commitments.

Behind the scenes with Tanya

Tanya, our personal fitness instructor kicked off 2021 with her own kickstarter. She wanted to reset her habits with a commitment to move more and eat well, after the free-for-all that was Christmas! Her hope was to reduce body fat and increase muscle tone too. This was a holistic kickstarter, bringing together meditation, workouts and healthy food choices for 21 days.

Here’s a glimpse of what Tanya did each week. We will be putting together the whole kickstarter within the app very soon, so watch out for that…

Day 1


I wanted to start off strong, so today kicked off with a 6am kettlebells exercise. I used weights, but if you don’t have them, water bottles or tin cans work well. You can find my workout on the app here


  • Breakfast - Green Smoothie (nice and light) and a protein shake (Whey optional) (link jack)
  • Lunch- 2 Poached Eggs on seeded bread (optional-smashed Avocado) (link jack)
  • Main meal- Cajun chicken with green veg with portion control (not overloaded) (jack link)
  • Snacking on fruits/veg/ nuts (jack link snacks)
  • And plenty of water.

If I am hungry at any point and I feel my body needs more I will eat. This kickstarter isn’t about depriving myself, it’s about nourishing my body with healthy choices and listening to what it needs.


Since I discovered the wonders of meditation my daily practice has been time just before bed for a guided meditation. This downtime allows me to leave the day behind and rest well. Here’s the meditation I used for day 1(link to jo’s breath work)

It’s brilliant for my mental wellbeing to be focused on myself each day. Especially during home schooling and lockdown no3! That definitely increases my need to unwind and relax!

Day 5


  • 6am: WORKOUT (20mins)
  • Kettlebell workout (6kg of weight this time – I used tins/water bottles)


  • Breakfast: FYC Green Smoothie plus protein (optional)
  • Lunch: FYC Poached eggs or scrambled egg
  • Main meal: FYC chicken casserole
  • Snacking between: FYC apple & peanut butter
  • Carrot/ cucumber and hummus dip
  • Introducing crackers with hummus as mid-morning snack

Daily reflection

My need for water has overtaken my want for snacks which has surprised me.

I’ve switched one unhealthy habit for a more positive one. Now to keep it going…

Energy level is brilliant. Even with the early starts (another positive habit formed)

Day 21


  • Workout: UPPER BODY KB BURN low impact (30mins) (link jack)
  • Timer: 45 work/20 rest
  • Deadlift into squat (remember two separate moves)
  • Deadlift heavy shoulder (weights resting on shoulders)
  • Tricep kick backs
  • High arms Reverse tricep dips (1 weight)
  • Front flies (arm raises)
  • Food
  • Breakfast: Green Smoothie + protein (optional)
  • Lunch: butternut squash soup
  • Main meal: Pork chops
  • Snacks
  • Drink plenty of water

Daily Reflection

Low impact workouts work for me early morning, I don't feel rushed or exhausted before I start my day, I feel fired up and ready for the day ahead!

My food and water intake yesterday were not ideal due to me not feeling to well after a fall. But still managed to get my 3 main meals and plenty of water.

My end of kickstarter reflection

I’m glad I started off the year like this, I feel like I’ve reset my body and learned new things about myself. I feel lucky I decided to do this during lockdown. Rather than adding to the stress it has become a manageable way for me to look after myself. I know that I can have small slices of workout and meditation time for myself, and that the food I’m choosing will help my mood and my energy levels, not lower them. I’m definitely motivated to keep going.

Are you ready for your own kickstarter?

We hope this has inspired you to create your own kickstarter as we approach Spring! Everything is there waiting for you in the app – it’s just a case of using the tools in a way that works for you.

And if you want a ready-made plan, keep your eyes peeled as that’s coming soon!

Until then, make sure you’ve got the app so you can get on track with your own healthy choices in 2021.

Tanya Lonsdale - Find Your Calm

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