How To Find Calm Through Gratitude

05 January 2021

How To Find Calm Through Gratitude

Do you live life in a state of Gratitude, daily? How do you experience gratitude? In this blog we explore the benefits of appreciating the world we live in, everyday. We learn how we can find calm through gratitude.

Many of us move through life thankful because our parents or caregivers have taught us to be. We learn what it is to be thankful from others, and we copy them.

But have you ever dived deep into the state of Gratitude for the life you live?

I was never taught about Gratitude on a deep level while growing up. In fact I’m pretty sure for the most part I can remember being told how ungrateful I was all the time. I was confused, with no real knowledge of what being truly grateful was all about.

What is Gratitude, anyway?

Is it something we should just know? Or does it come with age? Maybe life lessons are there to teach us the art of being Grateful?

I believe Gratitude is a practice. Something we actively do, rather than something that is an innate part of us. , I believe each of us should be taught Gratitude from a young age. Just as we are taught to brush our teeth everyday, children can be helped to take a moment to breathe in the wonders of the world on a daily basis. ,

Gratitude can show up in the smallest of things. Like saying good morning with a smile on your face, or appreciating the fact you have a roof over your head and you’re warm and dry. It is so easy to forget the basics, when we live in a world that is changing so rapidly. We naturally want to keep up. We forget it is not our job to keep up. It is our job to enjoy the life we live. In all its forms.

Gratitude is waking up to the things that are right in front of us. Noticing the everyday blessings around us puts us in a more elevated mood, where we become more satisfied within our life. We show more appreciation for the people we have around us, and our relationships with others strengthen. Which in turn leads to a more fulfilled and satisfying life.

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Gratitude for health

Gratitude starts as a practice – something that comes from my mind. But it doesn’t end there. Gratitude is good for your body. As I develop my gratitude habit I notice I am, building stronger immunity, lowering my blood pressure and sleeping better. Ultimately, my gratitude practice helps me to take care of myself on a much deeper level.

Gratitude also boosts my endorphins to cope more effectively with stress. On a biochemical level I was/am changing. The extra awareness I have gained within my practice has helped me develop my work so I’m now doing the thing I most love. Gratitude, for me, has been life changing.

How to develop a Gratitude habit

I started in the simplest way. I put two reminders on my phone: 6am and 6pm. Each morning when I wake, I see the reminder and instantly fill my lungs and read to myself ‘sow seeds of gratitude today’. And so, I do.

This elevated state of awareness makes me feel warm, connected and focused on doing good, for me and for others, throughout my day. It’s not about ignoring the bad or difficult aspects of live. I allow negative thoughts in, process them and deal with them in a conscious state of grateful awareness.

And at night, just when I need it the most, I receive my second reminder of the day: ‘sow seeds of gratitude’. And so, I do.

As a working single mum of two I find evenings hard. My mood drops with my energy levels and I become irritated just when my babies need me the most.

I find when I stop, take a breath and open my eyes from a grateful heart, I can enjoy bath and bed time. With every part of me present for them.

It’s a daily practice. It requires you to choose to do it everyday. Making and breaking habits is hard – but it can be life changing. You can read more about it in my blog Finding Calm through Positive Habits here.

97. learn to be fearless

It’s not just for the good times

I had a rough start in life. I’ll be honest, it was hard to see how I could possibly be grateful for it all. But now I believe we go through difficult life events and happenings, as a wakeup call that we almost certainly need in life. To show us that life can (and must) be different. To enable us to elevate ourselves. It’s how we deal with those wake-up calls that truly defines who we are.

I am grateful for each person in my life for being a part of it. I am grateful for the ones who have done me wrong for they have shown me what I do not want in my life. And I am eternally grateful to all those who show me love, hope and passion for my future.

May you wake up with gratitude and fill your lungs with joy. Every single day of existence. Even thought the bad times.

And see the world the way it is supposed to be seen.

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I am grateful
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