Roast Veg & Hummus Wrap

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Roast Veg & Hummus Wrap Roast Veg & Hummus Wrap

Takes , serves people.

Peel butternut squash and red onion. Chunky dice your vegetables – all the same sized bitesize pieces. Add to a roasting tray with the cherry tomatoes. Drizzle over olive oil, add a sprinkle of chilli flakes, thyme and rosemary, mix and spread out. Roast vegetables until cooked through and tender. Add a large blob of hummus and spread over the wrap down the middle. Spoon on roasted vegetables, fold over the left part of the wrap and then both ends, add a small dab of hummus to the right part of the warp and fold over to stick. Cut in half and serve on a plate, side salad optional. Cool and refrigerate any leftover roasted vegetables.