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Hi, I’m Tanya. If you want to be more healthy and feel fitter but nothing’s worked for you, I want you to know it’s not your fault.

Maybe you’ve tried every fitness class going, every diet plan going, downloaded every app, and they left you feeling awful because you fell off the bandwagon or they just didn’t work for you. You feel like giving up.

The truth is, all the rules and plans out there – they’re not the way to get a healthier, happier life.

In fact, they can do the opposite and just add to your stress.

But there is another way.

Tanya Lonsdale
Tanya Lonsdale

This is my story.

I am a fitness instructor, and used to be a fitness junkie. I lived and breathed workouts – to the point I’d get up at 5am to fit them in before my children woke up.

But I wasn’t happy. I was on the go all the time, stressed to the eyeballs, and then I became seriously ill. I’d been in hospital for a routine procedure, and the doctors told me to take it easy. But I felt fine, so I didn’t listen.

My exercise students wanted classes (they didn’t know I’d been in hospital), and I just carried on. I didn’t want to let anyone down. What I didn’t realise was that I was letting myself down.

So my body did the talking for me. I ended up in agony, with an infection, in hospital on a drip. And then contracted pneumonia. I had to stop. For months.

And, guess what? My world didn’t collapse. Instead, I found peace in the stillness. I’d downloaded a meditation app months before, but not really used it. I started meditating, and it was life-changing. I found how staying still, in the moment, can bring such calm, make everything more manageable, even if there’s a personal storm raging.

I started to realise my diet of protein shakes and using food as just fuel had left me undernourished and depleted. To get better I needed proper food. For the first time in my life I started enjoying my food, really loving the tastes, colours, the cooking (even the washing up!). It’s so much nicer to have poached eggs rather than a protein shake for breakfast!

And I started to listen to my body, letting it rest. As the months passed I learned that there were three ingredients to living well, and we need all of them. We need to focus on our body, our mind and our food – our fitness, wellbeing and nutrition.

How is Find Your Calm different?

Here’s the thing. We all have different lives, different demands, different things that bring us joy. You might hate poached eggs and love bacon! We can all find our calm by choosing food and activities that suit us.

I’m delighted that the trusted friends who supported me to find my calm are now bringing their expertise to Find Your Calm. Working together, we’ve created recipes, meditations, fitness workouts, yoga routines and planners for you to create your own calm, your way.

We’re not going to tell you what to do because it might not work for you.

But we do want to make it simple to nourish your mind and body with good food, exercise, meditation and yoga.



Jo: Head of Wellbeing

Jo became a yoga teacher in 2013 and is my own yoga instructor. I have learned so much from her about bringing wellbeing off the yoga mat and into everyday life. She embodies calm, and through her specially-created yoga bubbles, breath work exercises and guided meditations she can help you find your own.


Sian: Head of Nutrition

Sian helped me find the fun in food and she can do the same for you. Now a nutrition advisor, her background is catering and hospitality, so she really cares about food being a joyful part of life. Through her easy-to-follow recipes she’ll help you learn to love the food that loves you, whether you’re experienced in the kitchen or not.

Your calm, your way, everyday

We want you to be able to change your habits without hitting crisis or burnout, like Tanya did. You really don’t have to feel the guilt or pressure of not going to the gym three times a week, or sticking to a keto diet, or whatever you’ve been trying. Find Your Calm keeps things simple and puts you in control.

We truly believe we can all find our calm, and that, actually, we need to now more than ever before. The world wants us panicked, stressed and buying more. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to stop.

Find Your Calm lets you bring peace back into daily life. Small changes, with huge results for your mind and body.


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