Coronavirus and Staying Safe

30 March 2020

Coronavirus and Staying Safe

When we set out to create this platform, we never knew just how much it may be needed one day.

The world as we knew is to be no longer. Rapid changes and new daily government restrictions are being set. The world is very much in a state of shock and disbelief.

We will strive to continue maintaining the Calm essence of which we truly want people to feel in these uncertain times.

We believe here at Find Your Calm the world needs to listen and adhere to all UK Government legislations which are at present:

  1. Stay home, stay safe, save lives
  2. Social distancing
  3. Wearing a mask
  4. Washing your hands
  5. Covering when coughing or sneeze
  6. Washing/disinfecting surfaces you touch

Something else for yo to consider during this time is to take extra caution on what you are feeding your body. Right now, your Immune System is your last line of defence. Ways to start protecting your immune system could be by starting to eat with caution where you can. Which simply means no junk food. Take care of yourself and your basic needs. This is when to give your body all the things it does need.

  1. Good nutrition (fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables where accessible)
  2. Stay hydrated (drink plenty of water)
  3. Rest (take breaks and get good sleep)
  4. Sunlight on your skin and in your eyes
  5. Fresh air (deep breathing)
  6. Love, affection and connection

Practice some relaxation techniques for anxiety. Keep moving your body with mini daily workouts of your choice. Create meals to feed all the family with the food you have manage to get your hands on. Create an easy weekly structure for you and your family to follow. Be a part of the social media community to keep interacting and focused.

Don’t feel bad if you feel bad some days.

Remember this will pass. So, take stock of all the good things around you. Eat as well as you can. Drink plenty. Enjoy some much-needed rest, Feel the sunlight on your face, be it through a window if you are one of the people isolated and Breathe fresh air in on these wonderful spring days. Focus on your loved ones. Most importantly be kind to yourself in this difficult time.

We will do all we can here to help you remain in a positive state of mind.

Tanya Lonsdale - Find Your Calm

I am Tanya Lonsdale, the creator of Find Your Calm. I’m here to help and guide people into a new positive way of life, encouraging you from behind the scenes. I have learnt there’s an art to a healthy body and a healthy mind. I am here to share all I can to help you succeed and without a doubt become a better version of yourself. Join us at Find Your Calm here.